Maureen Kauzlarich

Children's Author

Writing While On Vacation

Simple tips on how to make the most out of your writing and vacation time.
  • Set aside time to write
When everyone is enjoying some solitary activities or just relaxing by the pool, it’s a great time to have a guilt-free writing session. Make sure to add alone time to the vacation checklist.
  • Write for pleasure
Writing while on vacation should be fun. Doing anything like editing or fixing scenes can bring stress. Use this vacation time to just write creatively with no plan.
  • Get up earlier or stay up later
If your vacation is too fast-paced or you want to make sure to spend as much of it with family or friends, try to wake up earlier to get some writing in. If you don’t think you’ll be too tired from running around, do it later.
  • No Internet
If you’re somewhere with no internet or you don’t want that to be a worry, make sure to bring a paper and pen or use a writing program like Word. It’s simple, fast, and comes without the extra planning of finding a connection. 

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