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Writing While On Vacation

Simple tips on how to make the most out of your writing and vacation time.
  • Set aside time to write
When everyone is enjoying some solitary activities or just relaxing by the pool, it’s a great time to have a guilt-free writing session. Make sure to add alone time to …

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The Similarities Between Writing and Running

The similarities between writing and running are interesting to dissect. How could two different activities have so much alike? Physically, they don't. Mentally, they do. Let's cut open this frog.


Mind over matter

Anybody who has ever run for the first time or for a longer dist…

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(Not So) Negative Space in Writing

What is negative space and why should you care? Artists who draw know this as the space on the page that you don’t use (or so the viewer may think). It is the background around the subject. For writers, negative space is the words on the page that you don't say. Writing in the negative space can…

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How Writing is like Homework

Oh, the days of homework. Remember those? If you're taking college courses, then this is a present problem (or non-problem?). Writing a book, a blog, an article, or anything that's published is a lot like doing homework. Here's a comparison between the two and how treating writing like homework can …

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