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Writing Around the Holidays

November and December are the toughest months to write. So many holidays plus the end of the year sluggishness. Don’t forget all the food taking up your attention. This blog post will delve into how to make it more manageable, what you can do when you really want to finish something, and how to not miss out on family and friends.

Create Lists
Holidays are for lists. Lists for presents, groceries, festive events to attend, relatives to send cards to, and we can't forget the naughty & nice list Santa keeps. Writers can also keep a holiday list for writing purposes. A list of times to write, a to do list for editing, a character list, or whatever part of the story you're working on. Keeping a list and checking it twice will ensure that you don't forget to prioritize this other special thing you like to do around the holidays. It makes life a little more manageable.
Write Early or Pick a Slow Day
Getting up earlier to write maybe something you already do, but for those that don’t this, the holiday season is a good time to pick up the habit, at least in the short run. This is especially true if you want to finish something before the year ends. Having it done first thing in the morning leaves time for everything else in the day. If it's not possible to be a morning person, carve at least one day in the week or time block for writing. Even fifteen minutes is better than nothing at all. Picking a slow day in the week between the hectic ones and planning to write on that day is a smart way to combat all the festivities taking space on the calendar.
Inspire Yourself
The holidays are a wonderful time to change up your writing routine. Since the holiday season is taking you out of the rut of your routines and schedules, might as well let it do the same for your writing. Try drafting a short story or picture book. Something that is the opposite of what you normally write. It may inspire your main writing project. Other ways to inspire you is to jot notes about your surroundings and soak up the people who you don't get to see all year. Ideas will spark that you would've never got from your everyday routine. Watch as new characters and locations appear in your story. By letting the season take you away for a moment, you receive the gift of inspiration while still appreciating the time spent with family and friends.

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