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Reasons to Start a Writing Blog

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These days, many people write blogs. As an aspiring writer, it’s important to know the reasons starting a writing blog may be in your best interest. Here are some of the reasons you should start a blog and how it can impact your writing journey.


Agents & publishers ask for it

If you ever want to publish traditionally, the one thing both agents and publishers typically ask for is a link to your blog. Blogs show your commitment to writing. They also tell the agent or publisher you’re serious about the business aspects, such as keeping up with social media.


Shows you can write

If you don’t have anything published, a good way to show that you can write (besides your first ten pages in a book proposal) is to have a blog history. This way readers can see your diversity and style. Anyone can come across your writing including the exact audience you want.


Something to put on a website

If you were ever told by an agent, publisher, or writing friend that you must have a website, but you don’t have any books, turn it into a blog. The blog can be about writing, but it can also be about anything else in your life. Blogging about your hobbies, thoughts, and technical advice is still writing.


Brings traffic and ways to connect

Have a website but nobody ever goes on it? A blog is a fantastic way to drive traffic. The SEO, keywords, and titles in your blog can become searchable. The more posts you do the more likely someone will stumble on your website and your writing. (And future books!)


Good practice for writing and coming up with ideas

A writing blog is a good practice for the act of writing itself. There are deadlines that you keep. These deadlines depend on how consistent you want your blog, and you must come up with new ideas every time. Lots of writing advice is out in the digital world, but sometimes your angle is different enough to get noticed (maybe even by that agent or publisher). So consider a writing blog to show your passion, talent, and expertise.

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