Maureen Kauzlarich

Children's Author

Finding the Passion to Write

Oh, where did that passion go? The one that got you started on writing in the first place. It could be ruminating in a glass of self-doubt or lost in the jaws of busy schedules. Wherever it is, here’s how to find it and get it back into your writer’s life.


The Writer’s Life


Writing is a lifestyle. It’s something that you do over time and it grows with life. We mature and so does our wants and needs. Our writing matures with us which is why it’s important to keep the practice of it up. If writing seems to be getting pushed out of your life, bring it back by trying something new. You may find that your writing tastes have changed, and you’d rather write for a different audience or genre. 


The Creative Life 


Try other creative endeavors instead of writing, like painting or cooking. It can help bolster your creativity in your writing. By feeling more creative, it can turn the passion for writing back on. All the new ideas generated will uplift your writing spirits and hopes.


Different Hats


Writing doesn’t have to define you or be your sole work. It’s okay to have it as a hobby and explore other skills. Sometimes thinking of it as a hobby helps to let go in your writing and takes many pressures off. When it is time to write, make sure to wear that hat and that alone. Like any work that's worth doing well, whether stay-at-home parent or 9-to-5, you’ll want it to be the only focus to achieve satisfactory results. Remember, you're doing it for the love of it first.


Finding Passion


When you’re passionate about something, you lose track of time and hate when you have to stop. Instead of waiting for time to be up, you wish you had more of it. All you need is a day dedicated to writing to rediscover your passion for it. Think about when you were a kid. What made you passionate about writing or any other creative activity then? Go back to that childlike mindset without the worries of finances and everyday struggles. The fiery passion is there waiting.

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