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The Pros and Cons of Writing Multiple Books


When every idea is great, it's hard to stick to one writing project. This can be both a good and bad thing. A fresh idea surfaces and you abandon your WIP leaving many unfinished books behind. It could also be the opposite where you don't abandon the WIP at all and add on more work happily. Here are the pros and cons of writing multiple books and some tips on how to stay focused when you want to stick to one project.



Writing Many Books at One Time 




The pro of writing multiple books is simple: you have many books under your belt. Amid writing one, a new idea pops up and you write another at the same time. This can be great for someone who wants more output. If you're stuck in the middle of one book you can always put more focus on the other. Eventually, one or the other will end and the other one is close behind. This is the major pro to writing more than one book at the same time.




The con of writing more than one book at a time is focus. Most people are not actually good at multitasking. They may be able to do two things at once, but those two things are not getting maximum effort and ability. Another thing is if you have a hard time finishing one book and keep moving onto another. Perhaps you write the whole thing, but you never edit. Thus, creating a bad writing habit. The cycle can only break if you tough it out with one until the very end. Focus all your attention on it. The hardest part is deciding which project to choose. Think of the one you most want to publish. If ideas surface or other projects speak out to you, write whatever notes you need to, but then return to the one that's the most finished. Writing the idea down will subdue a creative mind.



Sticking to One Writing Project at a Time




The pro of sticking to one writing project like a novel until the very end is growth. The only way to grow as a writer is to finish books and learn from the process of finishing. When you can do it at least once it gets easier the next time because you know the process and the feeling if you publish. Keeping those pesky great ideas at bay by writing them down and coming back to your current WIP can be what's best. Anybody can come up with a creative idea, but they are only great when someone explores them. There is a notion within the writing community that you must explore every new idea and try to write it out because of the fear of someone else taking it. Two ideas may be alike, but the execution will always be different. Putting all your energy into one at a time will ensure the execution is the best it can be. Look over the cons of writing multiple books if you're having a hard time sticking to one book.




Depending on your work ethic, sticking to one book could mean a long time before finishing. There are many a writer who wish to write multiple books, but they can't seem to move on from the first book they write. There will always be something that needs fixing but overdoing it can lead to a choppy book. It is also fear that stops writers from completing a book. The fear of failure and even success can give writers excuses to never publish. If you can't put that one book down but wish to move on from it, then look back at the pros of writing many books at one time. Sometimes writing a whole new idea will help get you unstuck in another book. 













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