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When to End a Writing Session

Image by José Manuel de Laá from Pixabay 

Getting into the flow of writing was hard enough but stopping the flow at a good spot is something that writers seldom consider. When is a suitable time to end your writing sessions? Let us take a look at our options.


Stopping in the mi…

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How to Overcome Writing Fears

Writing fears can range from fear of failure to fear of success and something else in between. Fear stops us from accomplishing a lot of things in life, but when it affects your writing there are ways to combat fear. Here are some of the top fears writers have and the steps to overcome them.

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Three Tips on Writing the First Draft

The first draft is said to be the hardest, but with things like perfectionism and editing out the window, it could be the easiest and most enjoyable draft a writer can write. Here are a few tips on how to let go and get the first draft done.
Tip #1 
Always remember its mortality

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Get Into Your Character's Head

Ever wonder how to write true-to-life characters packed with authenticity? Finding out what makes them tick is one way but getting in their head will give you all the details. Here are some suggestions:


Play Pretend

What are your characters’ likes, hobbies, favorite foods, or clothes…

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How to Become an Idea Factory

Coming up with creative ideas can be tough. If only there were ways to trigger idea after idea after idea, like the turnover rate in a factory. Although everybody has different strategies, here are some to get you started. 

Word Associations
Link words to ideas. An example of …

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How to Write with Kids Around

Writing in general has its own sets of challenges. Writing with kids is a whole other story. This a list of writing challenges and suggestions on overcoming them while having kids in your lives. (This list does not include day jobs, college, or any other kinds of challenges added to our lives whil…

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