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How to Become an Idea Factory

Coming up with creative ideas can be tough. If only there were ways to trigger idea after idea after idea, like the turnover rate in a factory. Although everybody has different strategies, here are some to get you started. 

Word Associations
Link words to ideas. An example of …

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How to Write with Kids Around

Writing in general has its own sets of challenges. Writing with kids is a whole other story. This a list of writing challenges and suggestions on overcoming them while having kids in your lives. (This list does not include day jobs, college, or any other kinds of challenges added to our lives whil…

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Finding the Passion to Write

Oh, where did that passion go? The one that got you started on writing in the first place. It could be ruminating in a glass of self-doubt or lost in the jaws of busy schedules. Wherever it is, here’s how to find it and get it back into your writer’s life.


The Writer’s Life

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