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Too Many Book Ideas


What to do with too many promising book ideas. “They’re all really great, I swear!” says the muse.


Keep a notebook of titles

When ideas spring out of the well that is your brain, use a notebook like a bucket to scoop them up. One way is to write a title down. Keep a list…

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Be a Mindful Writer

Mindfulness is a habit we can all learn. It means to be attentive about something on purpose. To be a mindful writer means to think about writing on purpose. For those that have a lot of other things going on in life, focusing on writing and finding the time to write is hard. Here are some ways …

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The M.I.D.D.L.E. in Middle-Grade Books

Middle-grade books are like sandwiches. Yes, that's what you read. All the ham, tomatoes, lettuce, and peanut butter in the middle of two pieces of bread (covers). The insides of a sandwich are the same as the interior of a book. It's layered with different fillings and given to many types of pe…

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